Posted by: mikeyfreedom | September 7, 2007

Around 200 BC.

AROUND 200BC in China – some guy had a spark of brilliance and creative genius and discovered an artistic use for colour and shape, through the medium of what we now call “COLLAGE”, a term which was later defined by art heavy weights “Pablo Picasso” and “George Braque”.

This form of art meandered its way through the developed feudal societies of Asia, onward through the dark ages, observed by a few mildly attentive crafts people.


The art form was popularized – feverishly created and thrown upon an unsuspecting public, head long into the 20th century, in the prolific hands of Pablo Picasso, the Surrealist movement that was to follow and of course the “Colour King”, in the twilight of his life “Henri Matisse”, “collage” had found its place in the art world.

“Matisse” – being heavily influenced and inspired by the art, vision and mythological life of the self titled “savage”- and self imposed exile – “Paul Gauguin”, followed in his masters foot steps and sought in a more conservative passion – the place of inspiration that Gauguin was once drawn to – “TAHITI!”

“Two Tahitian Women on the beach” by Paul Gauguin 1891.

In 1930 – twenty seven years after the death of Gauguin, at the age of 64 , Matisse’ found a landscape unlike that of Europe, colour and texture kissed by sun, drowned in the humidity of its verdant elements, he had come face to face with Polynesia and could not perceive his artistic work through the same eyes again!

Days were spent staring over the edge of his boat slowly moving over coral, as the sun above flickered upon the waters surface, while sting rays, sharks and fish swam beneath, such a site remained engraved in his thought life – it ignited a creative source of perception that he would not be able to do anything but surrender too – and so his chosen form of medium in such, as a aging and less able man, was “collage”

1001 nights by Henri Matisse

This isn’t an art history lesson, though there isn’t anything wrong in being schooled in something now and then. I simply wanted to show that every ones got their influences, sources of inspiration, no matter what field one works or finds purpose in? We are the sum total of the ages, in all that we do, say and believe – we appropriate, borrow, add to, create and revolutionise today with the building blocks of yesterday and to do so with out acknowledgement and praise of those that have trod the path before us, is a life self centered and destined for mediocrity!

I think anyway???

So yeah – i do collage – I absolutely love collage – but i wouldn’t of been able to enjoy what i do unless these amigos above here did what they did and sought the expression they felt only applicable in the humble medium of “COLLAGE”

Otherwise i wouldn’t be hip to it! 🙂


An honourable mention in the collage elite sunset hall of fame is:

Romare Bearden

A legend if ever there were!!!!


Here’s some of my collages for your veiwing pleasure! 🙂

marquesan summer

Marquesas – Atuona – 2007. M.Lothian.Copyright.

Ke ala i Kahiki ( the way to Tahiti ) Hokulea. 2007.


Tiare’ ( Inspired by the book Tiare’ by Celestine Hitiura Vaite) . 2005


Tahitian Cafe’ – 2006. M.Lothian.Copyright.


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