Posted by: mikeyfreedom | September 13, 2007

Drawing is honesty!

Drawing is the honesty of the art. There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad.

Salvador Dali


Drawing is something that i am trying to do more and more!

I find the pursuit of such a needed thing in any artists development!

ART , the word traditionally dictates a studious path, meaning “to be skillful or to act skillfully, to display mastery!”- this has changed greatly- to such point many artists ignore such a definition of Art. A definition to a word that lays a foundation that can not be taken advantaged of by conceptual artists – where in the absence of such things results in a work that i feel is far removed from the human experience, artificial and wanting!

Salvador Dali in his above observation was right – “drawing is honest” – it lays bare the artists abilities or failures, efforts and defeats. It depicts, replicates, discovers and intensifies our understanding of human sight!

With out drawing we ignore foundations. The foundation of art!

Regardless of the implement, to scratch, mark, draw, tattoo etc – is to pay homage to this definition and produce an artisian that knows their medium – to which end, familiarity, persistence and effort builds skill and the eye begins to understand creation all the more!

Though perhaps “Thomas Wentworth Higginson” is right in having said ” Originality is simply a pair of fresh eyes.” – but even fresh eyes need skilled hands!

A concept may be good, but in the hands of a skilled drawer – it can be great!


I have taken to drawing with pen for some time now and find the use of pen to be challenging, you can not erase mistakes, each mark you make is final , so the need for precision is important!

Often i have made mistakes after labouring for some time on a piece, and when it is so i just can’t help but smile and laugh to think “this is what its about!” learning and growing, never giving up! 🙂


Te Teira – A person of the Moriori. 2007. Pen on paper. M.Lothian.Copyright.

It is believed that The “Moriori” came to “Rekohu” (Chatham Islands) sometime in the 1500’s.

Conjecture remains over the origin of the “Moriori”, majority believe they were once a part of mainland “Aotearoa” (New Zealand) and early Maori society, from which they chose to leave and settle on Rekohu, others still debate over “Rarotongan” or “Tahitian” origins.

What is certain is that they developed a peaceful society were warfare and violence was outlawed upon decree by their legendary ancestor “Nunuku- Whenua” .

A society based on such peaceful and communal tenants was not compatible with the arrival of British colonialists and Maori tribes “Ngati Mutunga” and “Ngati Tama”, whose customs, culture and government allowed a horrible passage in the history of “Rekohu” to take place, which saw the population of “Moriori” from 1791, fall from 2000 to 101 people by the year1861, under a series of tragic and sad events.


Today the “Moriori” are very much active in asserting their presence as “Rangata Hunu” (people of the land) with emerging numbers of Maori in New Zealand, who are also coming forward and making known their “Moriori” heritage, reconnecting with their homeland – “Rekohu”.

A new “Marae” has been built marking ongoing political growth and a renaissance in Moriori culture, the “Marae” has been built in the shape of the wings of their “great white hopo” (albatross).

Perhaps the culture and peaceful society that typified “Moriori” life is something that we all should strive and hope for, taking heart- that such ideals are still beating in the hearts of “Moriori” today!


tiki in a row

Cook Island (Rarotonga) TIKI IN ROWS. 2007. Pen on paper. M.Lothian.Copyright.

hawaiian ti'i

Hawaiian Ti’i – Pen on paper. 2005.


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