Posted by: mikeyfreedom | September 15, 2007

First man standing!

Polynesian mythology like Christianity, points to man kinds first ancestor, created by God(s), given the name “TIKI”. There are various versions on the creation story of “TIKI”, most maintain a common thread, differing here and there in how he came to be made, birthed and formed, he also appears through out the pacific as a Warrior and a God.

In Hawaii and Tahiti he is known as Ti’i, in the Marquesas and Aotearoa he is pronounced as Tiki, as well as Rarotonga and the Cooks.

It is right to think that most, if not all myths and religious stories of legend have basis in fact, great men and women of their days, whom by their deeds were enshrined in history, whose story was passed down from generation to generation, relaying concepts, stories and values that were to be imparted and maintained from one family to the next family.

Today we have books, blogs and the internet, mediums that can be faithfully transmitted or misrepresented, ill conceived and passed around the globe in the click of a mouse!

But who of us will be spoken of, researched and venerated through out time, which one of our deeds or words are to be memorized for posterity?

Ae – Adam, Eve – Tiki…….. theres nothing to compare with when you are the first, they will remain as the stuff of legends, cemented in history, based in religious faith and fact.

So just be you and in that, you may one day be great, for though you may not be the first, there can only be one you! 🙂

The first of your kind!


Maori -Tiki / Human / ancestor based – Tessalation. Photoshop after Pen on paper. 2007. M.Lothian.Copyright.


So when it comes to matters concerning “Tiki” and so called modern “tiki – culture” – in the words of Chuck D“Don’t believe the hype!”


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