Posted by: mikeyfreedom | September 22, 2007

TOA poster development.

My friend Sam ‘Ohukani’ohi’a Gon III and myself have collaborated on producing a poster, that details the main Pacific Island warriors (Toa.) of the main island groups and how they would of looked prior to European contact.

We have spent time researching the distinct appearances and fashion of each group, weapons, hair styles, clothing, tattoos etc, whilst placing them with in their respective geographic position, within a layout of Polynesia/South Pacific.

The main groups displayed on the poster are as follows in no particular order: Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Hawaii, Aotearoa (New Zealand) , Te Henua Te Nana (Marquesas) and Rapa Nui (Easter Island). A concise list of information will accompany each warrior, explaining their dress and appearance, weapons etc.

This poster is almost at its completion and will be made available for sale (methods of payment will be made available upon its release) , to which a female version will made available also in the future.

* Note: All proceeds from the sale of the poster will be donated to various Polynesian charities, causes and organisation’s!

So by purchasing a poster, you will not only have a cool looking poster, but an informative and educational resource, for use in many settings, at schools, youth centres and your homes, but being supporters of many worthwhile and important pacific island organistaions, charities, causes and people 🙂 ( The nominated people or groups that proceeds of sales will be donated to, will also be made public in the near future! )


Below are some developmental images of the poster.

Hope you get as excited as we are!

drawing 1

These images do not reflect the finished product but rather some stages of its development! – so watch out for the finished product! 🙂

All images are copyright. 2007

Sam ‘Ohukani’ohi’a Gon III & Michael Lothian.


An updated version so far!

All images are copyright. 2007

Sam ‘Ohukani’ohi’a Gon III & Michael Lothian.


Just figuring out an appropriate size for it to be printed with?

polynesian Toa poster

Michael Lothian . Copyright. 2007.



  1. do you use the computer for coloring?

  2. on this project – yes!

  3. hey its like the evolution of man!
    i think you copied the theme from there!

  4. Do you mean in general from the theory of mans evolution or are talking about a poster/image of something similar?

    I assure you i have not been influenced from anything, simply a concept that I thought of and expanded upon by my friend Sam Gon. 🙂

    Do you have a link or something relating to what you spoke of – am interested to see it!

    Thanx for dropping by and leaving a comment! 🙂

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  6. […] For more on the development and background to this poster go here! […]

  7. kai ora i live in london and am a member of the london branch of te whare tu taua o aotearoa where i learn how to use a taiaha an i love this work as

  8. Hey Sa,

    good to hear from you , unfortunately it seems your comment uncomplete “i love this work as……….?”

    Hope London is treat’n ya well and not too cold this time of year!

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