Posted by: mikeyfreedom | September 26, 2007

The Humpback whale

I drew a Humpback whale two days ago – gave myself 30mins to do so ( lunch break) 🙂

First time i have actually drawn a whale and wondered how i had overlooked drawing them or any other sea life for so long?

Beautiful creatures indeed!

Humpback Whale. Pencil on paper. 2007. M.Lothian.Copyright.

These mighty creatures breed in the South Pacific. Numbers of Whales are carefully kept in an attempt to track Whale movement, conservation and the actions of wayward fisheries and whalers!!

Whilst most of the world by now realises the need to protect such an animal of the sea, many people and nations of the world still do not see the need to conserve their environment and to basically leave the whales alone!

Their numbers are dwindling each year. Inspite of these facts Japan continues to outline plans for further whaling, scientific reasoning is provided for such actions, but really who are they fooling?? – none of us!!!! But they just ignore the words and actions of politicians and protesters – they will do what they want, till not one is left, the business dollar again is dictating this slaughter!

Scientist Simon Childerhouse told the New Zealand Herald, that he “estimated the population of humpbacks in the southern Pacific and off the east Australian coast was about 300, or 20 per cent of what it was in 1960.” – NZ Herald Jul 5, 2006.

Let us educate our neighbors, families & friends to the plight of so many of our fauna and sea life, that when they are indeed gone! What have we in this life at all? great saddness this is! – have we turned our hearts with such ignorance in such matters? To such an extent that we just can’t be bothered, be bothered to even talk about such things?

Awareness is the FIRST key here!

Tell people about such things – discuss – debate – let these things be known!

Fat Freddys Drop – Deep Sea Adventure


Japan – leave Humpback Whales alone!

Australia – Save Humpback Whales!



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