Posted by: mikeyfreedom | October 27, 2007

STREET ART – freedom’s voice.

street art graff wall alley

Photo by Shadeleaf . Copyright. 2007.


I remember several years ago i wrote on a graffiti piece i did “Graffiti is society’s last gasp of mental freedom” – I extend that to all artists now regardless of the medium or form they use – expression is a much needed part to the human condition.

And public property to be a declining and misused reality, more of a notion to be true, a feel good ideology by word to speak of, used to dupe us into feeling we are apart of some democratic existence, whilst we face the impending opposite!

Art today, more and more is bowing in seduction to commercial dollars, where in artists of all persuasions become mere props and soundtracks to commercial suggestion, the highly motivated consumerist is born!

Generally artists sought to oppose the establishment, now they seek to sup at its table!

where is the motivation to life, the betterment of mankind, the raising of national/international concerns, the artistic pursuit of freedom from this modern age?


“Art should be independent of all claptrap —should stand alone […] and appeal to the artistic sense of eye or ear, without confounding this with emotions entirely foreign to it, as devotion, pity, love, patriotism and the like”
.James McNeill Whistler. (July 11, 1834July 17, 1903)
Whilst I agree with Whistler here, that art should be able to stand alone as an object of art, though to ignore sentiment, is to make artistic pursuits also mechanical and void of that human content that makes us us – “emotion”, that very thing that reminds us that we are alive and that we hurt, laugh and give a dam!
Art like all things must see the need to adhere to its moral obligations, that it can not exist with our repaying its practice to the glory of nature, acknowledgement of the human condition and its source in the divine!


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