Posted by: mikeyfreedom | October 29, 2007

My Brothers keeper?

aboriginal flag

Aboriginal Flag. 1971. By Harold Thomas.

This flag whilst widely known, was designed by Harold Thomas in 1971, four years earlier Aboriginal people for the first time since European settlement where given the right to vote, this also removed them from what was a ridiculous and most horrible inclusion within the constitution, having been placed along side domestic beasts such as cattle, as part of the “Flora & Fauna act”.

How history had written its self here was embarrassing, shameful and pure arrogance & ignorance.

In 1967 we believed as Australians we had at last taken a thoughtful & common sense step toward real reconciliation with the people of the land……. fast forward 40years and we have stagnated in progress in such matters once again. This time it is not only ignorance, but through propaganda, fear , slander and by force. Australia has taken a step toward dark days………………………..

I like to remain optimistic and believe that the human spirit will rise to it’s moral clarity of obligation and compassion, to see sense in these days, able to peel off the veneer of rhetoric and politicization of unbalanced welfare guises – there are many in our society that seem drunk in their power, in bed with business and enslaved by the dollar!

I dare say that i believe the present state of aboriginal affairs and this governments “national emergency plan”, which was first introduced through the reasoning of child protection, to be of great concern and sadness, such reasoning saw the Howard government take control of 70 Aboriginal communities, taking control of payments, land and funding – though where are the arrests of these child abusers that was so readily touted in this crusade, all that has been done is to arrest some alcohol runners , holders of ponography, violence and assaults – such exist in all societies unfortunately and is not an outstanding feature of one! The people who run and sell such material are not pursued, nor has any end been put to the violence that is sold on our screens and tv’s?

In forty years neither Liberal nor Labor governments have served the original people of this land well, and so pay lip service to its indigenous inhabitants.

I do not know what end these things will bring, even so we can not remain silent on such matters anymore, regardless for your race, creed or culture are we “our brothers keeper?”


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