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Tattoo Books.

I just laid my hands on a book called “The World of Tattoo” An illustrated History by Maarten Hesselt van Dinter .

A 300 page treasure trove of tattoo history with 400 color illustrations to run your eyes over!

Though i have not read it yet, many of the images are wonderful however, some i have not seen before and so obviously i am pretty excited about it! It is said that Hesselt took 10 years to compile the information of the book – i indeed look forward to reading his findings????

The crazy thing is this book was published in 2005 and I have only just laid eyes on it !

Where has it been hiding???


EDIT : March 2008

I have read this book in part and find whilst many of the images i had not seen before, baring in mind the manner of collecting all the historical information he has painstakingly taken, is done so with out criticism or bias, which can be a good thing i guess? No one needs bias, we have suffered enough through such for hundreds of years! Though historical and anthropological criticism is a good things at times, but it is not evident,  you have to use your own discernment! Unless the readers of this book may take some older and incorrect artistic renditions of tattoos and its wearers as gospel? Such depictions are some times unreliable and need to be verified from various references. Often these artistic accounts were drawn, etched and painted sometime after a journey and communicated to artists verbally, with embellishments and artistic license to garnish further interest from the European admirers of what they saw as mere curios with a  taste of the exotic.

Some images are great and revelations to me! My growing interest in Cook Island tattooing was satisfied for a while and his photographic examples of asian and south east asian tattooing is great!

I do wish there was more on tattooing in Ancient Eygpt – but maybe thats asking too much? – hahahahahh!

Anyway – its still a good book to have and i admire his passion toward compiling it!


My Friend Tricia Allen in 2006 – published a comprehensive, balanced and studious book on the Tattoo Traditions of Hawai’i …… This book is truly an impressive work

Also the winner of the Reader’s Choice Ka Palapala Po’okela Award

hawaiian tattoo traditions

Tricia Allen has harnessed centuries of knowledge regarding Hawaiian tattoo and has created this fascinating, comprehensive reference book that can be enjoyed by both tattoo enthusiasts and cultural scholars. Tattoo Traditions of Hawaii describes the evolution of Hawaiian tattooing as an art and science tracing it from its early roots in ancient Polynesia.Allen’s work presents motif, meaning, and placement, as well as tools and techniques on the ancient art, and includes a number of previously unpublished original illustrations. The contemporary art is chronicled by personal observations and commentary from prominent members of the Hawaiian community including Keali’i Reichel, Charles Ka’upu, and Hokulani Holt-Padilla.

Publisher: Mutual Publishing, Honolulu
Release date: April 24, 2006
Softcover, 224 pages, full-color
ISBN: 1-56647-770-0
Retail: $18.95

You can purchase it HERE!




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  2. thanx , I will! 🙂

  3. Resource and Information

    Resource and Information

  4. I would like a Hawaiian tattoo Im not sure what to get what can you tell me I was thinking if you could help me on that i was planning on going to the Islands soon

  5. try tricia Allen at tattoo traditions

    solid good work and great person.

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