Posted by: mikeyfreedom | November 9, 2007

A piece of the pie!

Looking upon the South Pacific today in the wake of the 19th & 20th centuries, it seems that the Pacific people of these islands are faced with a stealthy foreign occupation that still persists, though not in the manner of past invasions and control, but through economics and politics, the means appear different, though the outcomes are the same!

Their flags may still fly the same colours but what is taking place in the corridors of power is uncertain and hidden!

I have not been able to adequately express my thoughts on such, for what i feel concerning these things, suffers from a lack of information/knowledge on my behalf, i felt that certain things were taking place but could not ascertain the mechanics of what was taking place?

Until I read this!

“The big three, the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand, have divided the Pacific island territories. New Zealand now controls Polynesia, Australia is “in charge of” Melanesia (including the plundering of natural resources by its multinationals in Papua New Guinea), and the U.S. has a firm grip on Micronesia. Andre Vltchek considers the consequences for the people of the island nations.”

From: The New Pacific Wall: The U.S., Australia, and New Zealand Isolate and Divide Small

Insular Nations. By Andre Vltchek “Link here”

Read Andre Vltchek’s account on this dilemma’s that many islands find them selves facing.

Tahiti (French Polynesia) – is a different kettle of fish, along with the triumphant Oscar Temaru who On September 14, 2007, of whom was again elected president of French Polynesia for the 3rd time.

Though on many accounts independence or complete rule, is only in word it would seem and not an entirely honest account of the political realities of the Pacific.

And so Tahiti still with uncertainty await the mushroom cloud specter of histories foreign nuclear tests and occupation to clear in their minds!

“Independence will remain a romantic notion until independence is psychologically realised and lived” – a Tahitian friend of mine once said!

Especially when the majority of GDP is obtained through funding from foreign support, who rule in absence!

samoa polynesai work economics sustainability

Samoan Boy , SAVAII. Photography by Michael Lothian. 2007. Copyright.

Jason Brown of AVAIKI (news agency/analysis from pacific islands) highlighted on his site Andre’s conclusion here :

“”There is an acute need for Pacific island nations to create a strong and united bloc able to negotiate with the rest of the world with one voice. Only such a bloc could effectively address economic, social, transportation, educational, and political problems confronting the entire region.

“Such a regional approach appears to be exactly what the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand find contrary to their geopolitical interests. But Pacific Islanders have no choice but to look to regional solutions or continue in a dependent and humiliating position. Rather than seeking more aid, their best prospect lies in constructing their own common regional home.”

I agree in this and can only see positive outcomes through the unification of Island concerns through a indigenous political group of action, co ordinated towards the betterment of the whole region, therefore one voice to address all concerns!!!

In centuries past Pacific people would often sail the vast Pacific Ocean and maintain communication, political liaisons, cultural observance and trade, by purposefully maintaining links with islands, people and their culture.

Various reasons can be sited for such a decline in south pacific seafaring, but whether by sea, land or air, Internet, phone or fax – the islands future lay in the re-opening of these ancient pathways, pathways that within this contemporary context can challenge it’s post modern economic state of control and coercion toward a more sustainable and sovereign future where compensation and control can be obtained.

This may sound like pie in the sky to some, but its a piece of their pie – a piece they should never have been denied of in the first place!

Film clip by petaiamedia



  1. Aloha e Mikey,

    Thank you for this blog. I had a question, though. I know you mentioned that the US controls Micronesia and NZ has a firm grip on Polynesia, but what do you do with Hawaii, Samoa — which are both US controlled — and Tonga — the only kingdom that has managed to stand over the last 200 years? Looking forward to your response!

    Malama Pono Bruddah!

  2. Well these are just my opinions bro – i am not an expert – just opinionated – hehehe! 🙂

    Well it was a quote (above) that i found concisely expresses the situation!

    You know all too well Hawai’i’s history and the struggle this island nation is engaged in, though on the global stage Hawai’i to the rest of the political world is a foregone conclusion, that being a state of America!

    A acknowledged strategic position on the US military Map – one that under deceit ushered the US onto a world stage as a global power via the bombing of Pearl Harbour! – something they knew of a week in advance – but did nothing about!!!

    We know that Hawai’i’s monarchy was illegally overthrown(1893) and that the manner it was done in was unlawful, detestable and crime of cultural consequences, to the point that in 1993, even the Clinton Administration acknowledged the wrong done in this time, though nothing since then has been done to make compensation or to avail an avenue for a honest ho’oponopono between Hawai’i and the US.

    I just don’t see the US doing the right thing in Hawai’i ever, or at least in our generation, unless there were conditions similar to the handing over of Hong Kong to China from England and that was, i think?, more due to economic strains and Hong Kong becoming a political hot potatoe for a fading British Empire faced with a growing Chinese communist giant?

    The US is experiencing the pangs of an economic downside, but you have a long way to go before they off load Hawai’i So it would be rightly said that Hawai’i’s desire would be for the decolonisation of their islands! Though As long as they keep building skyscraping holiday accommodations and golf courses it will be a place of wealth for the US.


    Only American Samoa is US controlled, what was western Samoa has been independent since 1962 and continues to be so, though iindependence has not translated into economic prosperity for Samoa and so Samoa has been dependent on foreign aid and investment, a few years ago Polynesian Airlines ( Samoa’s own airline) sold 51% to virgin airlines and now bares the Branson name of “POLYNESIAN BLUE”, the same happens of the Samoan economy which is largely agricultural, many Samoan live subsistantly, thus its economics rely on foreign aid largely, this can lead to foreign interests and control emerging where independence is in name only!

    American Samoa is largely this way with out the title of being indepdent! – where many (not all!) enjoy the relationship and economy the US brings to their island.


    Did you hear of the riots that took place ion Tonga???

    I am not totally up on the state of Tongan affairs at the moment!

    Historically they were never conquered, and the monarchy still rules, though its economy was always a concern for its people, Tonga has not faired well on the world stage in this area for a long time, and its people within some groups are restless, which has lead a few pro-democracy voices being raised!

    Many people want the kingdom handed over to the people, because many Tongans are sick of 1% living the good life, while 99% are left behind (as one Tongan put it) though the prime minister still answers to the King and so i don’t see the monarchy leaving freely!

    And in any case with out a constitutional monarchy, what would take its place? A Democratically elected leader who is more open to foreign interests, economic investment often leads to conrolling interests of big business and foreign powers through contractual agreement and a greased palm?????


    To me globally nations large and small, via economics, global trade and world restructuring of resource use and agricultural control, have sold out there sovereignty and its people, i see global economics as a evil and culturally distructive force, I believe in the nationalisation of a nations own resources, transport, own infrastructure.

    I do not believe in this need for global competition that raises the price of living, reduces the level of pay and centralizes production of good that are of inferior quality, we are allowing our world to be redesigned and operated under inhuman pretenses that ultimately will not benfit our existence!

    The dilemma in the islands is part of a global problem that includes us all!

    Every nations sovereignty and autonomy hangs in the balance!

  3. Aloha bro,

    As always, I appreciate the time you take to answer my questions. Your knowledge is always appreciated. But onto the meat of this bad boy:


    It saddens me to no end knowing that the once strong island nation has been reduced to such a pit of commercialism and, dare I say it, cannabalism. Though I love Hawaii as though I were raised on it, I can see that the monuments and shrines to the mighty dollar have tourists and locals backbiting for a firmer grip on the American Dream. It is like Thurston Howell from Giligan’s Island has come to stay, wreaking havoc and destruction while the people bow to his whims! How we have lost our way!

    That is not to say that everyone in Hawaii is a blind and begging fool — only that the masses are highly uneducated even of their own culture so that they, by and large, have no knowledge of what happened in the past. This results in an inability to speak up when rights are removed, cultures are trampled and the US government continues to utilize their over-reaching arms to suppress the heart and voice of a noble and proud people.

    I am happy that there is a resurgence of Hawaiian culture, of a desire to know the Old Ways, to embrace the old calling as this will help turn the soft and supple minds of we, the youth, into muscles that are ikaika with ike!

    I completely understand the reasoning behind the use of Hawaii as a defensive post. It is the gateway to the Pacific for the US! However, there are other ways to defend yourself than to illegally overthrow a Monarchy, underhandedly annex and eventually call for cultural genocide! There are 134 Hawaiian islands in the archipelago, most of which are totally ignored because they are too small to meet the standards the US government uses to scrutinize its citizens!!!! If they cannot make a profit or otherwise use it for their own gain, there is no need to touch it! How I wish they would have just left Hawaii alone! (Though I am aware that Japan, NZ or some other country would have taken aim at such a fragile monarchy!) I could go on and on….



    I do not know too much about Samoa, sadly, except that the US controls the Eastern half, while the Western half lays claim to independence. As far as Tonga, I only know what I hear, though I do understand the limits that their king can have in dealing with his people, especially in relation to Capitalistic Giants and Big Business.

    I think there needs to be interaction between cultures, but I do agree with you when it comes to economy, etc. The US should not be the world’s police and cultures should be allowed to grow as they may.

    OK, time to take off from work! Laters bro.

  4. Hawai’i has become a playground for the rich in some areas, it sadden me to see many things in Hawai’i, much has to be righted!

    But there are many strong and united Hawaiian initiatives that have been taking place for many years – there springs hope!

    There are many keepers of the culture that do not bend to commercialism or American interests!!

    * as you pointed out education is the key!

    Though as a educator myself – i see the need for education at home as paramount – parents need to be more pro active in sharing life skills, guidance, value of life, morals, culture, history and love!

    Thats the foundation!

    No true , productive learning can take place with out thay foundation!

    I apply this to a world view in this discussion – that means everybody!

    people are destroyed for their lack of knowledge!

    and so who ever said “knowledge is power” was right!

  5. kia orana all,

    mahalos for quoting my comment !

    I see some good points being made here including the one that Tonga alone does not have a history of being controlled by any colonial powers.

    This could be prevaricated in the usual palagi way, but just to be different this palagi will just offer a heartfelt apology, and admit the truth – Tonga is a Kingdom, first and foremost.

    Aloha nui loa,

    jason brown
    avaiki news agency

  6. Yes, Tonga is a Kingdom, history states divine origins, from that of Tangaloa ‘Eitumatupu’a.

    Capt Cook wrote:

    “ I am of opinion that the government is much like that of Otaheite (Tahiti): that is, in a king or great chief, who is here called Eiki with other chiefs under him, who are Lords of certain districts, and perhaps sole proprietors, to whom the people seem to pay great obedience. I also observed a third rank, who had not a little authority over the common people”

    “ I am of opinion that all the land on Tongatapu is a private property, and that there are here a set of people who are servants or slaves, and have no property in land. It is unreasonable to suppose every thing in common in a country so highly cultivated as this”

    Though having sited this observance by Cook, It’s very different days we find ourselves in, it would be very sad to see an end to such a lineage, but all leaders must serve in their role’s and not be self serving.

    I am not a monarchist in any form, being of Scottish background
    ( hehehehe) though i do not think that another form of rule in Tonga would serve them as well as them being a Kingdom!

    They just need a King or Queen of the people that will ensure their economic, social and cultural welfare. 🙂

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