Posted by: mikeyfreedom | November 11, 2007

It’s sunday!

samoa apia church

Samoan Church , Samoa -Upolu. Photography by Michael Lothian. 2007. Copyright.samoa upolu hammock

Me chill’n, Samoa- Upolu. Photography by Michael Lothian. 2007. Copyright.



  1. Hey Mike,

    I was just perusing some blogs online and came across this:

    What do you think of the proposed Aboriginal Apology? As always, curious to know your thoughts, especially as you are in the thick of it. I hope you and the family are well.


  2. Aloha Keith,

    Howzit mate!

    well i posted this entry before >>>>

    * Though that was in regards to our former Govt, that got voted out over the weekend!! – hooray! 🙂

    * I am hoping that out newly elected Prime Minister will keep to his word and apologise – it may be symbolic, it in its self it can not right the wrongs of the past – but it is an acknowledgment that accepts history.

    Some people are fearful and have been for years, that a public “SORRY” would be legal recognition and therefore would enable a roll of land claims by aboriginal people >>> so there is much work to be done!

    Sorry is a small word >>>>>

    But as we know brother ” Love covers a multitude of sins” and saying sorry is a means of bringing that verse into action!

    But we are dealing with politicians – so we will watch and see???

    ” BUt i for one feel great sorrow and acknowledge aboriginal history and the tragic nature our collective past and can’t help but to feel sorry and so say sorry freely……………….. I may not of perpetrated the crimes against Aboriginal people in the past, but i in present day Australia inhabit the future of those past times, “my prosperity is the effect of those past causes” and therefore I have a debt or better put owe a debt! >>> I seek to pay that in my embracing of the truth of such matters, challenging attitudes of others on such issues, as an educator teach on such matters and actively attempt to change the misconceptions, racism, etc etc of those i come in contact with >>> as far as humanely possible?

    We fight ignorance!

    hope that helps???

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