Posted by: mikeyfreedom | December 30, 2007

Drawing to a close

The festive season is starting to wain a wee bit, we have all had our continuous fill of pua’a and drink, played guitar and now sleep well in the afternoons, later we will go for a relaxing swim in the summer heat and enjoy the close of the day!

Though , the year draws to it’s end as well, as New Years Eve quickly approaches!

What does 2008 hold in store?

This may well probably be, my final blog entry for the year of 2007 – the years go quicker for sure and we eagerly look to happier and more peaceful times, but will they come? We renew our visions for the year ahead, making promises to ourselves that we will most probably break – haha!

So may you have a blessed 2008 and enjoy happiness, peace and Ohana (family) in 2008, recieving prosperity within, a contentment that out weighs any and every aspiration of wealth and fame! 🙂

Marquesan Rainbow – by Michael Lothian. 2007. Copyright.


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