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Taro or Kalo is a staple in Polynesian life, it is not often left out of everyday meals and therefore as always been an integral part of Polynesian existence, the caring and growing of taro has been maintained for generations upon all islands of the Pacific.

It is unthinkable and obscene to even suggest that the humble taro be subjected to bio engineering, GMO and controlling interests of companies and governments!



~The Mission is to Save Haloa the Kalo from Genetic Modification & Patenting~
~The Method is Pono & Peaceful!~

JANUARY 14th- MONDAY – The Warriors Speak
(WHERE: Kamakakuokalani Center for Hawaiian Studies at UH-Manoa)
– 7:00pm- Winona LaDuke, Louie Hena, Paula Garcia, and Andrea Hanks to speak about their experiences and struggles in perpetuating food soverignty, restoring food systems, and protecting indigenous cultures and food from genetic engineering. Click here to download the flyer. Visit for more info).

JANUARY 15th- TUESDAY – Gather all ‘Ohana
(WHERE: ‘Iolani Palace)
– 11:00am- ‘Iolani Palace- Pule, set-up Kalo Camp
Kalo plants arrive, T-shirt & sign making-Bring blank BLACK t-shirt to be printed!
– 1:00pm- Press Conference (tentative)
– 5:00pm- ‘Onipa’a Na Hui Kalo OPEN meeting -IMPORTANT- briefing on goals and the next days events.
– 6:30pm- Potluck Dinner, bring a dish!
– 7:00pm- Guest Speakers (Winona LaDuke, local farmers, community organizers)
Viewing of films: “Islands at Risk” & “The Future of Food”
Continue preparation for next day, t-shirt & sign making.
and of course… Ho’o kani pila, wala’au, lomilomi!
– Overnight camping at ‘Iolani Palace

JANUARY 16th- WEDNESDAY – Show Solid Support
(WHERE: ‘Iolani Palace & State Capitol)
– 7:30am- Gather at ‘Iolani Palace (if this is too early for you come camp over the night before!)
Pule, light breakfast, briefing, keiki from schools arrive.
– 9:00am- Procession from ‘Iolani Palace to State Capitol, rally at Capitol
– 10:00am- Legislative Session Starts
– 10:30am- ‘Iolani Palace- Opening of HALOA Session:
Na Kahu o Haloa returns to ‘Iolani Palace to talk story and gather the ‘ohana: Information available about GMO issues, other Hawaiian issues, testimony table, info on where to visit reps and senators, public education about GMO, street stompers pass out fliers and gather testimony and petition signatures in downtown Honolulu.
Kalo Activities- ku’i ‘ai kalo (traditional poi pounding)!
– 12noon- State Capitol- Visit Legislators’ Offices…VISIT YOUR REPS/SENATORS and let them know you are from their district and you don’t want GMO! Anti-GMO information will be handed out to public in lines to legislator offices.
– 6:00pm- ‘Iolani Palace- Pule, Dinner… wala’au, ho’o kani pila!
– Overnight camping at ‘Iolani Palace

JANUARY 17th- THURSDAY – Present Pono Purpose
(WHERE: ‘Iolani Palace & State Capitol)
– 8:00am- Pule, Breakfast
– 9:00-11:00am- ‘Iolani Palace – Pule, briefing, keiki from schools arrive to prepare for presentation of Kalo
– 12noon- State Capitol Rotunda – Procession from ‘Iolani Palace to State Capitol
Formal Presentation of Kalo to Legislators, protocol by keiki & kupuna of Na Kahu o Haloa
– 1:30pm- State Capitol, Rm. 309 – Kalo farmers & supporters will brief legislators on their stance against genetic modification & patenting of kalo and explain the importance of hearing & passing bills SB958 & HB704 to protect kalo. Led by Chris Kobayashi, a farmer from Kaua’i.
– 4:00pm- State Capitol, Rm. 229 – “Public Advocacy 101” A Training in the Legislative Process for Citizens, by Senator Gary Hooser (D-Kauai). How we can make a difference!

We will need to monitor these bills and be there to support when needed throughout the legislative session, until we know our bills have been HEARD and PASSED!

What you should know about Genetic Modification of Kalo: check &


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