Posted by: mikeyfreedom | June 3, 2008

Not until………….

I know i haven’t been around this blog of late, i haven’t neglected it……… just life diverts your attention sometimes to other things that warrant greater focus!

My life is what it is and i give thanks for all my families and friends, hardships come to all of us and i am indeed experiencing a personal struggle of injustice myself, however i thank God for the genuine and real people that he brings into my life , that no matter how many horrible and mean people exist, there are selfless and passionate individuals that are willing to stand for what is true and what is right!

I know my blog is relates to my art, though this is not the first time i have diverted things from my art in order to draw attention to matters pertaining to the diverse nature of our life here on earth! Anyway Art is the stuff of life and vica versa!

Despite the over whelming evidence that we as humans, irrespective of our racial heritage, have at varying degrees – taken so much from the earth and robbed our brothers and sisters at home and across the globe of dignity, culture and respect, it still astounds me to the levels that a unconscionable mind can transgress and cause hardship and pain to others!

We certainly have learnt nothing in the span of earths history, we still seek to rob, steal, break, deny and destroy all that is beautiful and true, we wage war, subjugate, suppress, lie and manipulate lives and situations for selfish gain. In the face of our eroding human condition, sinful heart, we hear the groaning and travailing of a dying earth and yet persist in our vain addictions to consumption, image and status – we are our own worse enemy indeed!

I say we, for not one of us can detach ourselves from the solutions that beckon us, no old testament prophet removed themselves from the prophecy of coming judgement and often went into slavery along side their own people! So i include my self in the mix and point no fingers without my self being pointed at aswell!

I have been dealt harshly of late and have not received an honest and fair treatment in the hands of those that should serve my interests best, those that are professional would rather hasten my exit from the context i will not speak in detail of here, they wish to have me dealt with deceitfully with as little fan fair as possible and instead eradicate a symptom instead of focus on the cause and in turn cure to my dilemma!

What has motivated this post is not my own trials, though no doubt they serve as a catalyst here, is that i received a email that just moved and enraged me and rose emotion in my self and what else can i do but to spread the news of such ludicrous activity!

I know the world suffers and much has and is taking place right now that wreaks of injustice…… though if i can raise awareness of one thing perhaps it can lead to many things! And spur all of us to think beyond ourselves, even in our hard times!

The following is a email i received this morning!

Subject: URGENT: Construction to begin at burial site tomorrow morning I am writing you because we are trying to get the word out about a struggle on Kaua’i. Can you please pass this on? A wealthy California developer, Joe Brescia, is attempting to build a luxury beachfront house on top of a burial site at Naue in Haena on Kaua’i. The people buried here are all women and children, laid to rest before anyone here had ever discovered Captain Cook. A tireless group of people has been holding vigil to protect the iwi for about three months now. They have tents and have been staying on the beach at the edge of the burialsite. Word has come that construction is supposed to begin tomorrow morning at 7 am. Supporters and allies will begin to gather at 6 am tomorrow to protect the site. For more information, please call Ka’iulani Huff at 808-346-0975 Thanks! Katy Rose346-7011

So many similar struggles are taking place, indigenous concerns locked in battle with global economic strategists and wealthy individuals that only seek to control and exhaust that we which they feel is personally and economically justified, a user pay society, elite life styles that shut out the common man and create a society that disenfranchises those that economically vunerable. Thus democracy under the dollar! Despite what trials, struggles or battles we face, despite the insumountable odds that may seem to be not in your favour and whilst knowing that your stand and fight is just, righteous and true! Take heart in this scripture i have found “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is fair, whatever is pure, whatever is acceptable, whatever is commendable, if there is anything of excellence and if there is anything praiseworthy-keep thinking about these things. Philippians 4:8 My thoughts to you who all, who struggle in this life!



The saga continues – unfortunately: UPDATE

From Free Hawai`i
Yesterday at 5:13pm

California Developer Puts Profits Over People & House Over Graves

Honolulu Star-Bulletin – October 3, 2008

LIHU`E, KAUA`I – Dozens of Hawaiians and their supporters testified yesterday in tears and with shouts and voices crackling with emotion before the Kaua`i Ni`ihau Burial Council….

“The state has made a mistake, a big, major mistake,” said Jim Medeiros, a Big Island resident. “Once you start building on the graveyards, it will become a (precedent) in the state….”

Joseph Brescia, who bought the land in 2000 from actor Sylvester Stallone, has received permits from the county and state to build the home and has already poured the fittings for the home and a concrete cap for the five burials underneath the home….

“The building should not be there, period,” said council member Barbara Say yesterday. “I didn’t know they were going to be cemented. … What is wrong with this man?”


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