Posted by: mikeyfreedom | September 21, 2008

Hatiheu Bay – Marquesas

A Collage of Hatiheu Bay.

Hatiheu bay
Sloping gently, descending to the depths of the ocean floor, mountainous catherdral type arches and rock formations breaking the skys, whilst fresh greeny covers the land unchallenged, subduing mans finger prints upon the land from so long ago.

Hatiheu Bay, Nuku Hiva an island in the chain of the Marquesas, the land of men!

Filled with remnants of ancient society’s, a land sown with cut stone tikis, overgrown meas ( marae) At one time this valley housed three strong tribes of Nuku Hiva.

Still blessed with beauty and awe, distant echoes of long ago can still be glimpsed through out Hatiheu Bay.

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    And describes the place so well!

  2. thanx tricia glad u liked it!

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