Posted by: mikeyfreedom | September 22, 2008

Marquesan Woman

This Sketch is now available as a CARD and as framed artwork.


Strong, Enduring and tall, the Marquesan woman stands.

Adorned in the tattoos of her island, a woman of skill, not an object, not a curio, but a woman of skill, endearment and history.

Marquesan woman.

A sketch.

Available for purchase here at



  1. It is good to see you writing again, friend. I hope all is well on the other side of the world. I have read all of your most recent posts — I gotta say that we in America experience the same in the way of the transient artist, plagued by the corporation, the love of the dollar, the choked-sight of the masses — if it doesn’t glitter with pop-culture, they don’t want it. Even mass-cultural happenings — the things home-made and home spun, are only useful if they are found on youtube, exert some comedic prowess, are filled with stupidity, etc. The blank slate of the artist has been replaced with the cacophony of lights and sound of deconstructed post-modernism. How slim we are in the wake of the world’s gorging! The artist’s vision is full of cataracts, it seems. Such little authentic nationalism and, as a result, identity in the face of a culture that aspires to assimilate the individuals and breed a homogeneous gang of money-worshippers. Who knew, my friend, that our generation would see the end of art for art’s sake?

  2. hey brother………. i really dug your words mate!

    great to hear from you, hope all is well!

    looked over your flickr photos the other day…. just catching up! 🙂

    take it easy !

    talk soon!

  3. hey man, thought you would appreciate this — found it in an article on your Prime Minister on BBC News.

    “Pushing for an Australian Republic might lend his government some crusading zeal, but [Kevin Rudd’s] offer to Malcolm Turnbull to jointly come up with a timetable for a new referendum appeared like a political stunt designed to split the Liberal Party rather than a genuine attempt to accelerate the debate.”

    You think a republic is actually possible? I know that Turnbull believes a Republic is impossible while the Queen is still alive, but I’m curious to know the thoughts of one of the citizens. Let me know what’s up! Keep painting, man! I love your work.

  4. hey bro, back in 1999 Turnbull (when he was a merchant banker) made a hugh push for a Republic then, it resulted in a referendum, the Australian people resoundingly voted NO to a republic!

    Now they are drudging it up again!

    I am not one to raly to any Royalty, perticularly the Queen of England ( save that for another discussion hehehe) So when i say i am anti – republic, it is not because i am a loyalist to the crown, far from it!!!!

    The model of Republic that Turnball put forth was one that was unclear and open to exploitation.

    Right now there are mumours of a want for a disintergration and colapse of state politics in Australia, so that Fedral Gov can run it all. The problem with that is a lack of bearaucracy in the system doesn’t always equal expediant application of political policy….. all this will equal is more reaching invasive control control of the population, nationalism will be used to manouver voters towards a Republic and i believe it will be done so with the decline of the various states of Australias power!

    This is not a question of national pride, we are Australian and have been operating under our own political strenght apart from Great Britian for many years, we sand alone! We have our own flag, our own army and political system, sure we hae a govenor general to the Queen , but this is cosmetic protocol……. Gov generals have done very little since the sacking f Prime minister Goth Whitlam in 1975, which was a blemish in Australian political history.

    Kevin is crafty and one to watch, as the native americans say, “he may speak with forked tongue?” He is strategic and purposed, he appears to do much in a nano second and then moves on and hoefully to his thinkning the Australian people see him as a go getter , though can’t remember what it is he has done, be nothing is completed? He does not miss much and looks to a wider future vision, that we couldn’t conceive as yet? I just don’t trust politicians……. smoke and mirrors right now!

    And i do not see a Republic as a good thing!!!

    Australian people like most i guess, do not understand the full ramifications a republic play, politically and economically and to our sovreignity, this depends on the model of the republic? For i think Ausssies are just thinking in simple terms of nation hood and nationalism……. and not the fine print of the republic’s constitution?

    Our population is experiencing a shift, many of the old british sentimet that was clinging on in the late 90’s is passing, simply because the post ww2 population is passing as well, the new generation don’t a clue nor a historical understanding of what possible changes a republic or a drastic change in political structure can bring!

    I think the Aussie system is better in principal then most political systems, the problem is that we have politicians running them! 😦

    I say no to a republic! and no to the ENGLISH MONARCHY!

  5. Hey man, mahalo for the dialogue. This brings up another question, though. I know you are hopeful that the indigenous people will be self-governed, but what kind of government are you hoping for — both for the Aboriginal and the European-Australian? No to a republic, no to the Queen … what would be suitable?

    Here in the States, it seems we the people do not know what we DO want so much as we know what we loathe — Bush has obviously made a charade of the presidency in a lot of ways, government officials are now calling for even more big government interaction/power, forcing the tax payers to pay for the mistakes of the leaders, etc. — yet no one has a real solution to the problem. It sometimes feels like revolution is on the horizon, but no one has the vision to revolt. Does that make sense? I think Thomas Payne outlined it well in “Common Sense” — it’s an 18th century document, but one worth reading on the necessity of revolt.

    Also, my understanding is that Rudd has talked a good game, but is really not doing anything in office other than weighing and measuring. Without action, a leader is merely a doll on a throne. What do you expect him to accomplish in the next three years, especially with Turnbull waiting in the wings?

  6. replied to you personally bro………….. 🙂

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