Posted by: mikeyfreedom | November 17, 2008

Little ole’ me again…..

By now you would of realised that i kind of dig collage, heaps!
Well thee are many folk out there that love working in paper in its various forms.
One such person is GreenBeanbaby…… one cool chick, mum (or MOM) and wife, who occasionally goes by the name of Ellia Hill. Some of her work or as she terms it “cut paper love” is whimsical, inviting and fun.. colourful to say the least!

Naked Fairy By GreenBeanBaby

Naked Fairy By GreenBeanBaby

Some time ago she interveiwed me and did a posting of little ole’ me and my work on her groovey blog!
An interveiw as MikeyFreedom……. yes, one of my lesser known incarnations….. well my flickr disguise anywayz?

So go on over to her blog, check out the interveiw and stroll about her blog!
She is in the throws of creating a childrens book amid many other things, so check it out peoples!




  1. aw wow! this is very sweet of you to mention my work!! your work is always full of flavor and so unique!! i’m sure you could bust out a wonderful children’s book about your culture and knowledge 😉

    thank you again!!

  2. back @ ca little lady!

    🙂 love ya work!

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