Posted by: mikeyfreedom | February 27, 2009

Taking Stock.

Every year new year, things abound with the prospect of newness and change, whilst the familiar insists on repeating its regularity with out so much of a whisper of change, the two live in symbiosis it would seem? Though i have come to realise that change is not a matter of chance, but tightly wrapped up within the human ability to choose and make change happen, because we become that change. If we are to wait for change chances are we will only see things change around us, in such a state things grow stagnant and thus stop growing altogether, all the time we sit hoping for that change to come our way?

In these moments of introspection we take stock, this is very much a spiritual process as much as it is a matter in doing things that practical!

Sunset Studio must always change and since Sunset Studio is me, it is I that must change! Change is our only certainty in life, besides paying taxes and dying, though those latter two i am not speaking of here………… change is go(o)d.

So with this blog change is first happening here, a new style website is under construction also.

Hang onto your seats, 2009 is a year of change, of good and bad change of uncertainty for many, though as long as you are the one changing and changing for the better, the better placed you are to weather what may come and except that which you can not change… for as we atempt to master life, we find it is indeed master of us………………. taking stock is necessary and change a prerequisite for living, living more abundantly!

Changes coming real soon to SUNSET STUDIO ! 🙂



  1. Like a new Morning
    Fresh Dew
    Starts Anew
    From the Roots
    New Shoots

    I hear you Mikey

  2. Hey thanx for the dash of poetry, well written as always!!

    I hear ya also, thanx again!

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