Posted by: mikeyfreedom | April 26, 2009


Hey peoples, in a couple of days i am leaving the shores of Australia and entering a metal bird and crossing the ditch by air. Yes i am going to New Zealand! So anyone wanting work done by me over the following weeks will have to wait patiently, as i hit the road and travel the country side of Aotearoa meeting great people and seeing beautiful places!

For those people living in New Zealand…… keep an eye out for a long haired fellow driving a graffiti covered van through the hills of Aotearoa…. that’ll be me, make sure you wave & say g’day! 🙂

Hopefully i will have periodic access to the internet and put up activities here on your computer screen?

Otherwise be patient and i will be back doing artworks for my clients in mid May?

Catch ya soon!




  1. Довольно интересно конечно. Я немогу подписаться под каждым вашим словом, но в общем соглашусь.

  2. Интересно, я даже и недумала об этом…

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