Posted by: mikeyfreedom | June 4, 2009

The only thing certain…….. CHANGE!


Change To alter; to make different; to cause to pass from one state to another; as, to change the position, character, or appearance of a thing; to change the countenance.

There is one definite constant in life and that is the unending cycle of change as part of the human condition and experience.

As an example, a river’s health is caculated in terms of it flow and thus a flowing river is for the most part cleaner and inhabited by more species of life, a stream that loses it flow and cycle of fresh water becomes stagnant, unclean and unable to hold or maintan life and so it also unable to give that all inportant ingredient to animals and people that so depend on water…… Life!

A life with out change, reflection, anaylsis and decision is like a stagnant river, going no where and unable to support the life that is needed to progress to new areas of thought, being and accomplishment!

I have spoken of change many times in the past, however mostly in context of the hope that each new year would bring with it new possibilities and a new perspective, this doesn’t always work though, resolutions can be so contrived and pinned on flaky non-active kinds of hope, rather then mental or phsycial decisive actions  and so for me i have decided to take time out to actually reassess, recharge and eventually re-engage in what art means to me, what i want from it and as to what i what to give back!

I am rather an opinionated person and i mostly have an opinion on 98% of stuff out there, but opinons are worthless, because they are usually given for free, ill concieved and based on some form of belief rather then knowledge, where as the two need to walk hand in hand! Advice is often the same and at the moment i want to give neither and as much as in this blog posting i am anaylsising and just speaking out loud with no scrip or edit button in positon, i am trying to be truthful, honest….. with myself, this is for me, i want to do art for me, so that it is meaningful again and not enslaved to various motivations that serve to be counter productive to true expression, art is about communication, expression, function, spirituality, the self, culture and what i truly believe, art is the pinicle of skillful pursuits, i seek to become skillful, skill takes time to acquire and time is something we do not use wisely, youth is wastedon the youth and only the old man knows what it is best used for, so i seek to use hat youth i have left and create in a manner that i have never before!

I am closing down my website, my REDBUBBLE site will remian open along with my FLICKR pages and this BLOG will be a constant window to the world aswell. I do not know when my website will be back up if ever, i have no timetable for it, i percieve one day at a time from now on and choose to focus solely on my family and art, i moved ever so strong to strip back my life and enter a simple life, a life with out distraction, of deep contemplation and action, of selflessness whilst diging deep into mt artist passion, finding a balance between the two!

I will look into the nature of my relationships as a foundation to my art, namingly my wife, our connection, between earth, water, sky and GOD.

I will always come here periodically, though not out of some obligation to maintain it, more so when i am moved to do so…..

Thanx for reading,


In the tongue of my fore fathers

Nì òigear leisg bodach brisg.
A lazy youth will make an active old man.



  1. Aloha e brah,

    Good to see you’re taking some time to reconnect. I think I understand where you are coming from. If you need anything, please let me know.

  2. prayers will do brother, yeah i am just taking it easy and focusing on what i deem as important and shedding quite alot of things in my life….. but all good i think!

    peace mate!

    hope all is well in your corner of the universe 🙂

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