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Molokai Today……

This short clip may be a bout Molokai today, though, for those of us that have lived for atleast more then 10yrs, i am sure we could easily relate it and see the changes in our own lives and environments?

Stop thinking ME and begin with We!

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Ratings anyone?

Last night i watched the third installment in a 7 part series, of what i think is one of the most riveting documentaries i have watched to date. Emotional, epic and filled with tragedy, glimmers of hope line the edges, though a documentary that all in Australia, if not the world should watch!

A documentary that should be shown in all schools, formatted into books and resting on the shelves of each house hold!

But before i mention the documentary series, i want to talk on something i observed??

While America and Australia debate over the sliding ratings of the doomed US version of “Kath & Kim” and Channel 7’s dancing with the stars does Battle against Channel 9’s sixty minutes, the Aria’s held centre stage last night it appears!

Through out the malaise of simpleton disposed tv veiwing, i fearfully make note that a great travesty has taken place, a national shame, even stating that last nights ratings reflect the conscience and  cares of modern Australia!

We all should of been transfixed and sobered, our collars and tissues rung wet with tears droping from our cheeks, to look upon, to learn and understand with such clarity, the nature of Australian history, the people, the places and the events that have shaped this country over the past 200 yrs.

On SBS, a daring an awesome task of chronicling Aboriginal history in the wake of European contact has been attempted and the results are impacting and beyond any passing ratings or pop driven show last night!!!

While the likes of Australia idol, dancing with the stars etc will last for but a few years, the first Australians are a work of art that will echo in times yet to come. The travesty here is that it did not rate a mention in the ratings, in all that i have seen and read of so far mentions naught of it? That Australia was to willing to be entertained, rather then be challenged and informed, that Australian/European attitudes in most minds, remain unenlightened and unchanged toward Aboriginal Australians, that perhaps last nights viewings indicate that we as a nation who has a long way to go toward acting, thinking and doing what is right toward Aboriginal people, that we have been found wanting and have failed in the face of such overwhelming evidence to acknowledge and make a true recompense.

That our comfortable and Anglo centric society, in its insulated suburbs, far from the historical plight of Aboriginals and their modern struggles in this multi-racial populated land, has largely remained unchanged. Last night i wept in view of Melbourne’s Aboriginal History, over the story of Coranderrk, the failed stewardship of the then Victorian Aboriginal protection board and the sad, but noble lives of  Wurundjeri clan leader Simon Wonga and his people. Even now, as i type my eyes are filled with tears to this knowledge….

If you have not seen any episodes as of yet, then you are able to view them here.

It is my hope that such documentaries as “The first Australians” have the platform and voice it deserves and that all AUSTRALIANS not be seduced by frivolous entertainment and give “the first Australians” attain  the ratings it deserves!!

Well done SBS for instigating such a series and Rachel Perkins the Director/Writer/Producer.

About the series

First Australians chronicles the birth of contemporary Australia as never told before, from the perspective of its first people. First Australians explores what unfolds when the oldest living culture in the world is overrun by the world’s greatest empire.

Over seven episodes, The First Australians depicts the true stories of individuals – both black and white – caught in an epic drama of friendship, revenge, loss and victory in Australia’s most transformative period of history.

The story begins in 1788 in Sydney, with the friendship between an Englishmen (Governor Phillip) and a warrior (Bennelong) and ends in 1993 with Koiki Mabo’s legal challenge to the foundation of Australia. First Australians chronicles the collision of two worlds and the genesis of a new nation.

SBS on their website put forward the question, “How do you promote something that should be mandatory viewing for every Australian?” ……….. how do we indeed?

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In celebration of Niues Constitution Day, Artstation will be exhibiting ‘Pule fakamotu’ from October 8th-25th 2008. A group exhibition co-curatored by contemporary Niuean artists Cerisse Palalagi and Zora Feilo. ‘Pule fakamotu’ which means to lead and take charge of your own affairs, brings togeather Auckland based Niuean artists who will explore the theme of Niuean self-governance, with printmaking, painting, photography, multi media and weaving.

Artists include:

Samantha Atasani
Craig Fasi
Nick Kaio
Janet Lilo
Zora Feilo
Troy Jackson
Cerisse Palalagi
Molly Pihigia and the Otahuhu Niuean Weavers
Matafetu Smith
Lange Taufelila
Glenda Vilisoni
Maree Webster

Dates: 8 to 25 October

Opening: 5 to 7pm Tuesday, 7 October

For further information, please contact:
Kathryn Tsui, Artstation gallery coordinator
ph (09) ph 09 376 3221

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Hawaii… Holiday destination?

If you have been to Hawaii and during your stay there went beyond Waikiki and ventured deeper then “The Polynesian Cultural Centre”…… looking to more then a Honolulu afternoon Hula Show, then perhaps you noticed something?

Hawaii is a holiday destination in the hearts and minds of people the world over, before it is even considered to be native land, with a history that beckons to be told and injustices that scream in silence to be heard! The story of Hawaii is an epic tale, but it is a modern American/global predicament!

Hawaiians are Hawaiian and they do not wish to be perceived in any other way, Polynesian stewards of a chain of islands that were settled some C.1600 hundred years ago. Far from being the 50th state of America, they, the Hawaiian people wish, but further more demand, that they be a people of their own land, a people of self determination, a Hawaiian nation with Hawaiian law and Hawaiian sovereignty!

As put forward in the “Akaka Bill” ; something that is posing problems within its self! ”

the Native Hawaiian people wish to preserve, develop, and transmit to future generations of Native Hawaiians their lands and Native Hawaiian political and cultural identity in accordance with their traditions, beliefs, customs and practices, language, and social and political institutions, to control and manage their own lands, including ceded lands, and to achieve greater self-determination over their own affairs” Life is in the land and by controlling land, you effectively control the people who live upon the land. Ownership  and entitlements of land are synonymous with independence and freedom, the ability to make long lasting decisions for ones own life or the lives of their people.

Hawaiian and American political activities are mounting and the political and cultural landscape of Hawaii’s future for Hawaiians remains uncertain for the most part, what is required is eternal vigilance as the intentions of Washington remain stagnant toward Hawaiian people and their claims!

I do not like to speak pessimistically, though i do not wish to have my head in the sand either, the realities that beset Hawaiian people (like other indigenous groups with in their own lands, the world over) are huge and their struggle will have to be taken up by the generations of Hawaiians yet born and therefore it is a long term engagement of passion against arrogance, economics and a facade, a facade that has been sold to the world for over a hundred years, one that parodies Hawaiians and makes belittling connections to pineapple pizza toppings and docile ukulele playing islanders in a Polynesian pantomime.

We who are not Hawaiian or respectfully, what ever indigenous people we find ourselves within? Need to be mindful and sensitive to the ever growing realities that confront these peoples and the histories they still inhabit!

For it seems today, with the bombardment of the individual through consumer advertising and marketing strategists directing their manipulative intents at the individual, that the self is thought of first before the individual even considers their neighbour(s). Self is elevated and the pursuit of gratification becomes paramount, albeit temporal, it is still pursued as if life it’s self. Within this modern illusion we can not see beyond immediate desire and cannot even recognize the harm it brings to our society and the control it exacts on our own lives! Albert Einstein was quoted as saying “Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.” For if we truly did see with our own eyes and feel with our own hearts we would would look beyond ourselves and whilst on Holiday in Hawaii see beyond the cocktails, stage shows and Waikiki sunsets to a Hawaiian reality, a reality that begs to not go unnoticed!




AN UPDATE : 14th October 2008.


Free Hawai`i means returning the Hawaiian Islands back to an independent nation status, as it was before it was illegally overthrown by US marines and rich sugar barons in 1893.

In 1993, President Clinton formally apologized for that act and publicly acknowledged the illegality of the overthrow.

98% of all Hawaiians living at the time opposed the illegal overthrow!

Today, less than 20% of all land in Hawai`i is in Hawaiian hands.

Over 60% today is in non-Hawaiian hands!

A few individuals, who are non-Hawaiian, lease an amount of land in Hawai`i that is greater than all land leased to all Native Hawaiians!

Currently, only 72 landowners control 95% of all land in Hawai`i.

Native Hawaiians make up the largest percentage of homeless in Hawai`i today.

Native Hawaiians have the worst social, educational and economic indicators compared to any ethnic group in the US.

Native Hawaiians currently have the worst health profile compared to any ethnic group in the US.

Descendants of the Hawaiian Nation want their country and land back so they can grow their own foods, become healthy once again, and control their own destiny.

Hawai`i Was A Free Nation – But Never Free For The Taking!

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A few good shirts

Heres a few new designs for the ladies, hope you dig them, already for summer! 🙂

Available at REDBUBLE.COM

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Marquesan Woman

This Sketch is now available as a CARD and as framed artwork.


Strong, Enduring and tall, the Marquesan woman stands.

Adorned in the tattoos of her island, a woman of skill, not an object, not a curio, but a woman of skill, endearment and history.

Marquesan woman.

A sketch.

Available for purchase here at

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Hatiheu Bay – Marquesas

A Collage of Hatiheu Bay.

Hatiheu bay
Sloping gently, descending to the depths of the ocean floor, mountainous catherdral type arches and rock formations breaking the skys, whilst fresh greeny covers the land unchallenged, subduing mans finger prints upon the land from so long ago.

Hatiheu Bay, Nuku Hiva an island in the chain of the Marquesas, the land of men!

Filled with remnants of ancient society’s, a land sown with cut stone tikis, overgrown meas ( marae) At one time this valley housed three strong tribes of Nuku Hiva.

Still blessed with beauty and awe, distant echoes of long ago can still be glimpsed through out Hatiheu Bay.

Available for purchase as a card or framed print at

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The end of the year seems to be fast approaching, but before we get there, in November from the 6th to 9th Tahiti will be holding their annual tattoo festival “TATTOONESIA”

First held in 2005 with a entourage of international partcipants, Tattoonesian has gone on to cement its self on the calendar of society island events.

If you love tattooing and the islands then buy your ticket and board that plane, paddle that canoe or sail that boat, hopefully one day i will see you there too? 🙂

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Bring on summer, bring on cool days!

I’m posting this for the heck of it, for the why not, because it is a welcomed distraction, the thought of water filled languid days rolling through to warm summer nights and the expectation of simple contentment with nothing else in sight. A slice of laid back aspirations from times past – BIG WEDNESDAY the movie. 🙂

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Something to lift ya hearts with.

Del Rey System ft Dallas of Fat Freddys Drop – Sweet Di

The Black Seeds – So True

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