Posted by: mikeyfreedom | August 26, 2007

A Welcome to Sunset Studio.

Well actually welcome to our blog-a-rama, where i will try to diligently keep you all updated with news, articles, art and everything in between!

My burgeoning vestige in this life of artistic pursuit and happiness!

My wee little site would not of been made possible with out the friendship, help, support and persistent patience of friends and family!

To name a few – Jolane maximus ( ) for his website brilliance par excellence, observing my strict layout guidelines and million emails! hehehehehe!

“Stick to my layouts baby!” 🙂

Also to……..

Samuel M. ‘Ohukani’ohi’a Gon III ( A’ohe hana nui ka alu’ia.), Himiona Grace ( Ehara i te Aitanga-a-Tiki!) , Celestine Hitiura Vaite ( Ho atu, ho mai! ), Tricia Allen & Maya Jupiter.

Sincere thanks for their kind words found on my home page.

For sometimes what should be the easiest, can often take some time and boy is this site over due! LOL! – O le upega tautau, ‘ae fagota.

But my biggest thanx goes to my long-suffering wife who has had to put up with me, a temper-mental artist if ever there was one! ( Ua o gatasi le futia ma le umele. )

But i am totally stoked to have this brand new bag of goodies to show my work to the world or maybe a few people that stumble across these pages by chance – “you know how these blog thingy’s can pan out some times!” ( For those that have come across my blog by chance or some other link – go to – then make your way back through there to here :)- the scenery is so much nicer via there this time of year! – hahaha!)


Hope you take the time and come back now and then to see whats new???
Marquesan beginning
Marquesan Summer. 2005. M.Lothian.Copyright.

You will notice that my art is primarily if not completely themed and inspired by Polynesia. Whilst i have from a very young age created art work that has in someway reflected this – it is my wife Sophia who is undoubtedly my muse, my Polynesian spark! That has solidified this initial interest from my younger years and has gaven it a foundation. However, putting western cliche’s about the pacific aside, “who in this world that draws breath from their lungs can say that the islands is where they do not want to be?” “No one i dare say?” Have you ever been grabbed by something that defies reason or purpose, it just is – Such are the things that really matter! – they can not always be explained away with words and boxed for reference – I have never tried to analyse my interest in Polynesia or Polynesian culture, because it is not a mere interest but assuredly my life, woven through family, art & life! for it just is and so i just do!


Now my site works best using Fire Fox and a screen resoluton of 1024×768 or higher!

………. Whilst i do not advertise it , if asked nicely with a smile and Aloha – I and along with my buddies and DJP72The Mustard Empire do construct websites – this being one of them!

Hope you find in life what i have found! 🙂

Mahalo – Faafetai Lava – thanx heaps!

Oh yeah!!! everything here on the blog as well on is copyright –

ya dig?

Mike & Sophia 🙂



  1. nice article. keep up the good work.

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